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I think i need a 1983 casio dj 20 electric guitar, set to electric mandolin
August 2, 2008, 1:09 am
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This hot city is full of Lollapalooza goers and they annoy me. 1. because there’s a hundred thousand of them crowding the city streets and 2. because most of them are those hipster types and hipsters bug me. Chicks in the biggest sunglasses imaginable, neon leggings and ballet flats. And who can overlook those guys in skinny jeans. My grandma always used to say “Never trust a guy in skinny jeans, Lauren.” And Granny…you’re so right.

Skinny jeans have to be the most unattractive garment a guy could ever wear. (Well most guys…I had too many drinks recently with a guy who actually pulled them off…you know who you are.) In general, these jeans are emasculating. Whatever happened to the idea of being a MAN? Like, you know, someone who could scoop a girl up, carry her to the bedroom and rip her clothes off? You don’t have to be a sports fan or Wall Street Asshole to fall into this category. Where are all the men? Show me please–A debonair man: a Gregory Peck. A suave man: a Paul Newman. A rugged man: a Robert Redford. A cool man: a James Dean. An artistic man: a Johnny Depp. A music man: a Tom Waits. It goes so far beyond fashion and it can be said for women as well as men. Maybe I just have a super crush on Cool Hand Luke and Denys Finch.

A lovely friend just turned me on to Zooey Deschanel’s band, She and Him. I didn’t think I could have a bigger Chic Crush on her but I was wrong. They are wonderful!


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